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Meet Jessica Spira: Virgin Active South Africa's MD


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Leading with knowledge and insight

After 21 years in various roles at Rand Merchant Bank, Jessica Spira joined Virgin Active South Africa as the new Managing Director in 2022. Having been involved in huge transactions, such as the reverse listing of MediClinic, Jessica Spira knows all about building trust and strengthening relationships. In the latest Business Unusual Podcast, Jessica is in conversation with Topco Media’s CEO, Ralf Fletcher. Listen as she takes him through her journey, the insights she’s picked up along the way, and how Virgin Active South Africa is thinking about their product offering.


10 key takeaways from this podcast:

1. C-suite executives are people too
2. You prove yourself by leading with knowledge and insight
3. Building relationships is how your business grows
4. “You have to see the value, you have to share the value”
5. You can’t always be selling the same product, you need to always be thinking about what the right solution is
6. People want communities and you should think about how your business can build one
7. Ask yourself what you’re offering outside of your products and services
8. Look after your people, and then look after your customers
9. Consumers are looking for personalised journeys
10. Even brick and mortar businesses can go digital