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A banker's tale of the just transition

Daniel Landscape


Explore the depths of leadership, decision-making, and growth in the latest Business Unusual Podcast with Nedbank Chairperson Daniel Mminele. The conversation unravels the journey of a seasoned banker and we discover valuable insights on maintaining calm in turbulent times, the impact of big decisions, and the keys to fostering economic growth. 

A former deputy governor of the Reserve Bank, who has worked in Germany and the UK, Daniel led the process of formulating the Just Transition Energy Plan which South Africa presented at COP27, securing $8.5-billion in funding. He takes us through the role of private-public partnerships, highlights the appetite for collaboration and explains why climate justice needs to be an integral part of the just transition.


Key takeaways to listen out for in this podcast:


  1. The test of leadership is whether people follow you voluntarily
  2. “Help comes to those who try”
  3. An Immovable deadline brings brings sharp focus
  4. The private sector will deliver the just transition - the public sector needs to a create a conducive policy framework 
  5. Climate justice needs to form a key part of just transition programmes
  6. Trust is key for private and public partnerships to work
  7. The just transition offers opportunities to create new industries
  8. Along with the individual milestones, the longer term vision needs to be kept in mind

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